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New Music (Valencia) and those detained in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Its success and the response shown by the public has made Neopercusión an international benchmark in contemporary Spanish percussion.
- Together with the Arbós Trio, Neopercusión participates in and is responsible for the artistic direction of the "Residences" cycle, organized by the Centro de la Difusión para la Música Contemporánea, whose concerts will take place at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

- Neopercusión has released four CDS on his own label, Kusion Records: Todos las faces de la percusión (1997), Hispano-American Music for Percussion (1998), URBETHNIC by Neopercusión (1998), Credo in Cage (2003), ... and ALL THIS happened to me because of Music (2008) and Deus ex maquina (2008).

- Neopercusión is a resident group of the "Chamberí Municipal District" in Madrid, where it has its own series of concerts.

- Neopercussion plays exclusively with Zildjian, Malletech, NovaPercusio and Remo percussion instruments.

- Currently working with PBPmallets in the creation and design of drumsticks according to the idea and criteria of the ensemble.


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- The Neopercusión ensemble was formed in 1994. The group covers all areas of music: classical, ethnic and contemporary.

- His activity is very varied, ranging from the performance of teaching, as well as research and raising the profile of everything related to percussion instruments. Neopercussion creatively and skillfully combines his performances from this rich instrumental universe with a commitment to working with different creators of performing arts, commissioning and performing new works.

- Neopercusión's proposals, always attractive and adapted to each individual stage, have been presented at all kinds of events, from classical music festivals, such as those held in Santander, Granada, Galicia and the Soriano Musical Autumn Festival, to workshops contemporary music such as the Alicante Festival or Musiques d'Aujourd'hui in Perpignan (France), Donostiarra Musical Fortnight, as well as various performing arts activities in Madrid at Danza-Espacios Insólitos, Aula de
Madrid Spain
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