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Marc moreno PBPmallets

Marc Moreno

Llanera de Ranes (Valencia) - Spain

“For the interpretation of part of the marimba and vibraphone repertoire, I was looking for drumsticks a little heavier than usual, with more weight towards the attack zone of the drumstick, which would produce a great harmonic richness throughout the instrument's register.

In addition, the model should have the particularity of being conceived as a medium or medium-soft stick in general, but that it provided the possibility of producing a brighter sound when the attack was more pronounced.

Together with PBPmallets , we decided that the most suitable name to designate and define the model should be "Dual Tone" . The Dual Tone drumsticks have allowed me to find these sensations, both for their manufacturing materials and for the interpretative possibilities they offer. "

Signed. Marc Moreno Albors


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Marc Moreno - Secret Calculation

playing with Dual Tone of PBPmallets

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