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joan soriano
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- He has participated in various projects and recordings such as the monograph on John Cage, with the Neopercusión group, “El fandango de D. Quixote” with the Madrid Academic Orchestra, “Trevor Jons” with the ORTVE, different recordings for cinema and RNE.

- He has collaborated with the Córdoba Symphony Orchestra, the Principality of Asturias Symphony, the Madrid Community Symphony, the National Orchestra of Spain, ORTVE, the Mediterranean Orchestra, Llanera Philharmonic Orchestra, Orquesta de Extremadura and the Philharmonic of Spain, and with chamber groups such as the Orquesta Clásica, Cámara XXI, the Camerata del Prado, the Academy of Contemporary Music, Plural Ensemble, Perkustra company, Koan 2, and Ars-on among others.

- At the same time, he carries out teaching studies in the specialty of music at the University of Valencia and courses in Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze music pedagogy. At the Joan Llongueres Institute in Barcelona, he performs different levels in Willems Musical Pedagogy. At the Autonomous University of Madrid, he obtained a degree in Music Sciences and Humanities and a degree in History and Music Sciences. At the Polytechnic University of Valencia, he takes doctorate courses and a Master in Music, specializing in contemporary music.

- Together with clarinetist Gabriel Calabuig he forms Ap-Art Duet, participating in different festivals. They have recorded for RNE and performed educational and master-class concerts in different national conservatories. He has collaborated with Jacobo Pallarés in the Unstable Space, performing the music for his theatrical performances: “Notes of fracture” and “Noria tres”. Ap-Art Duet has participated in different competitions obtaining the first prize in the maximum category and the special prize of the jury at the "Twelve Chamber Music Podiums" in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada, diploma of honor at the "XII Tournoi International de Musique" and semifinalist at the XII International Concorso di Musica da Camera "Gaetano Zinetti" in Verona. They are currently preparing what will be their first album with pieces by J.Manuel López López, M. Ishii, J. Botella, R. Nasveld and F. Wiley.

- He has been a teacher at the professional conservatories of the Vall d'Uixó, Torrent, Valencia, the Superior Conservatory of Music of Alicante and the Superior Conservatory of the Balearic Islands. He is currently a professor at the Professional Conservatory of Oliva, together with Victor Segura he directs the Valencia Percussion Academy percussion study center, member of the Projecte SoXXI ensemble, and artistic director of the festival for the dissemination of SoXXI Contemporary Culture and Arts.

- Joan Soriano plays with Nova Percussió, Remo and PBPmallets instruments.

- Currently working with PBPmallets in the creation and design of drumsticks for contemporary repertoire works focusing on the field of Set-Up and instrumental ensemble.

Joan Soriano

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- He was born in Canals (Valencia) where he began his studies. In Madrid he continues higher studies at the Neopercussion center with professors Juanjo Guillem, Juanjo Rubio, Phillipe Spiecer and Jeff Prentice, among others.

- As a member of the Neopercusión group, he carries out an important task of disseminating percussion, participating in the main contemporary music festivals and in the pedagogical aspect, as a teacher at the center and through educational concerts throughout the Spanish geography.

- Carries out advanced studies with Francisco Díaz, Belén López, Enric Llopis, Emmanuelle Sejourné, Leigh Howard Stevens, Sergei Saprichev, Steven Schick, Gordon Stout, David Mayoral and Jean Geofroy among others. He completed his higher degree studies at the Liceo Conservatory of Barcelona and obtained the end-of-degree honor award.

- With Juanjo Guillem, he takes three postgraduate courses in interpreting at the University of Alcalá de Henares.


Canals (Valencia) - Spain
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